About DFOU

2 IN 1 The Scavenger of Skin & Stomach

Queen of Beauty
Stem Cells That Don’t Need Injections

King of Losing Fat
Excrete Toxins Without Colic

Ultra small molecule irresistible to absorb

The new DFOU uses Innovative Special Micrebial Fermenta-tion Technogy + Patented Plant Cell Culture Technology. It contains stem cells, vitamins and minerals to reactivate the activity of each cell, let the body organs return to a young state, and naturally lose weight.

We uses 5A Natural Prune from California, and studies have proven to help with laxative effects. We avoid the side effects of weight loss products in the past – Diarrhea、Colic、Take a cold sweat, Can’t work properly.

Main effect

1box:The pore is obviously shrunk, and the skin is easy to make up + The constipation is obviously improved.
2box:Skin melanin reduced, and it is more elasticity + Better digestive system
4box:Increased immunity, glowing skin and reduced belly
6box:Crow’s feet disappear, and the skin is more delicate + Forming a body that is easy to slim

Main ingredient

Queen of Beauty

Purple Chrysanthemum—Reducing melanin formation, making skin more elastic and tender
Apple Stem Cell—Improve cell vitality and life span, and delay skin aging
Grape Stem Cell—Protect stem cells from UV stress
Japanese CSH—Double antioxidant and anti-aging

King of Losing Fat

Enrich of Prune—Helps relieve diarrhea, slow down glucose absorption, and control cholesterol
Dandelion—To strengthen liver, and induce dieresis to remove edema, which including rich vitamin and minerals
FOS—Reduce the risk of obesity and improve the digestive system
Passion Fruit—Lower lipid and blood pressure, adsorb cholesterol, and inhibit the body’s absorption of fat


Queen of Beauty : Eat directly before breakfast
King of Losing Fat : Eat directly before dinner