Reject residual nutrition, and drink beauty

The upgraded version of DKENKO PRO contains the avocado ingredient natural fat metabolising enzyme and sugar metabolising enzyme that can accelerate fat burning in the abdomen.It helps cut down the absorption and accumulation of the high calories such as fat and sugar that the human body intakes every day and reduce the excessive visceral fat while you are clearing the intestines and excreting the toxin.

Caring for the health of the whole family

Healthy Self.Healthy Life

Main effect

Resolve and excrete fat : resolves the extra bad fat in the intestine and relieves the discomfort of the digestive system
Relieve intestine : resolves the garbage in the intestine, softens the excrement,and helps solve the excrement trouble
Protect intestine : plant formula is specially added to promote the intestinal microecological balance
Resume spirit: clears the toxin in the body, and regains the radiance

Main Ingredient

Avocado : promotes abdominal fat burning, controls blood sugar, lowers blood pressure,and reduces the risk of heart disease
Natural apple pectin : can be taken as probiotics,delays gastric emptying, relieves diarrhoea and constipation lowers cholesterol ,antioxidation ,and reduces fat accumulation in the body
Mango: contains vitamin A,strengthens the immune system, contains a lot of finer to help the defecation lot of finer,assists in defecation
Oat fibre: relieves defecation,enhances satiety, reduces cholesterol, and improves blood sugar control
Perilla leaf extract: improves gastrointestinal discomfort,antioxidation,and reduces LDL cholesterol and blood viscosity
Psyllium: “Good toilet companion”, relieves defecation, prevents constipation, adjusts cholesterol blood sugar level, and can be absorbed by probiotics


  • Pour the water with room temperature into the water bag of DKENKO until 200ml, and then pour a packet of DKENKO PRO powder, close and compress the upper part of the water bag.Shake it, and then twist it from the mouth of the water bag to drink, and take one packet before going to bed every day.
  • No colic and without diarrhea
    Does not contain any chemicals, tamponade, artificial colors, preservatives or animal ingredients


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