DRÊVE is a well-known company that integrates technology, brand, production line and marketing in Malaysia. It is committed to advocating women’s self-employment and improving their quality of life. Through high-quality products, it helps members to fulfill their dreams of becoming rich.

Since its establishment, it has created numerous financially independent women, with a business map across Australia, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, etc., and won several international awards.

The slimming beauty brand DFOU and the detoxification brand DKENKO, also booming in many countries, widely supported and loved by women from around the world, once ranked The Best Selling Slimming Product in Malaysia.

Business philosophy

Consumer-oriented, the team contributes to the brilliant, quality-oriented, wealth as the fruit to achieve the brand, and integrity to the future.

Core value

In Pursuit of the Ultimate Professional
Oriented by word of mouth and results
Adhere to cutting-edge innovation
One person walks fast enough, a group of people go further


Become the world’s most influential global health platform


To enhance the national health
To help more people have a rich life