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D RÊVE is a platform company, that combines resources, technology, brand, production line, and marketing, to provide fair opportunities, and advanced system for everyone to develop. It is also a stage where the joining members can make a big impact in their own life. D RÊVE advocates women’s self-employment to improve their quality of life, to succeed and to achieve their dreams.

Platform advantage

Strong background : With strong political, commercial, and media relations, we can ensure that enterprises achieve high-speed development.

Development strategy : Continuous planning and renew development strategy, change in response to market requirements, and assist the joining members to have a better personal development.

Marketing strategy : The team has absolute experience and accurate marketing strategy, to solve the key problem of sales and marketing.

International Development Opportunities : Focus on the global market, and strive to assist all countries to continue to grow and expand their member numbers and maximize their business.

Team and individual training : We treat members as our biggest assets, we arrange a team of professional instructors for provide training to different levels of joining members, and follow up according to personal progress.

Market development support : We assist leaders to develop the market and provide professional market development solutions and resource docking.

Blockchain micro-business ecosystem platform

Southeast Asia’s pilot-class company, D RÊVE, uses the world’s first blockchain ecosystem platform and is the first company in Malaysia to adopt blockchain technology in the system, becoming the leading company in Malaysia’s micro-business. Full integration of the four major trends of micro-business: formalization, branding, platform, and specialization. The micro-business management platform created by the ingenuity exceeds all the same types of systems in the market, covering all the functions of micro-business integration, creating a public trust infrastructure based on blockchain, transparent and win-win ecology.

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