Unique Hawaii Midsummer Night’s Dream theme launching event which organized by DRÊVE & SS GUARDIAN. 

On the night of 1119 we have WIND LEE —— the well-known emcee from 8TV to host the event. 

And HSING OOI who had once impressed SHOW LOO, LU HAN and LI RONG HAO so much on TV live show.

Other than directors and leaders from other team and brands, 

There was also a series of sweepstakes for the night. The prizes were Meitu T9 & TR MINI cameras and many special gifts. There are also a most crazy doll machines, the more amazing is the super fantasy bubble pool!

It’s such a great honor to have the champion of Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant on 2018 JOVANE PANG, YIMAO the ambassador of DFOU, and social media influencer JOYCEKOID and LYVIEN. 

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