The internal training session led by DREVE & SSGUARDIAN

Both founders DIONE DONG & ZOE WU were there to share their valuable experiences with the partners. 

Instead of having a traditional serious atmosphere training session, we conducted this internal training activities in a relaxed and happy atmosphere!

This internal training was conducted in groups to make partners aware of the importance of solidarity from several small activities and small games but no on just winning those games.

This is because we believed that victory is not the most important thing in the games but what they actually understand throughout those games.

One of the parts was that several partners were named on the spot to share and their stories were all inspirational too! All of us also took this opportunity to make everyone  know each other better.

Besides, we also have explanation for new product — SS GUARDIAN by the resgistered TCM physician DR. XU. 

Other than new product explanation, DR. XU also explained the importance of the nature of women’s private care.

The detailed explanation of the day as well as gave partners a better understanding of the importance of private care, so that the partners can better understand how to deal with women’s diseases of each customer.

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